Frequently Asked Questions

Why S2V is different ?

All accounts of S2V are open & transparent to the donors. Our Aim is to make sure charity projects must be free from administration costs & corruption free. We use the latest in technology for the better use of social projects

What is the history of S2V ?

Our charity projects started with Educational scholarships through viswas fund and in 2018 we are celebrating 25 years of viswas. Several projects followed are startup2valley, a project for connecting startups with siliconvalley. Book Donation to local libraries & schools. Health care initiatives at rural & tribal areas.

How can you participate in Kerala Flood Relief?

You can directly donate funds or promise for future support to the volunteer teams in your preferred location. Our team of volunteers will make sure the projects are executed within the guidelines.

How this works ?

Pravasis can choose their area of interest, our team will co-ordinate volunteers to engage multiple teams for charity work in the location identified by the donors.

What is the difference between Donate & promise ?

Through Donate option, you can pay immediate for a medical camp & Emergency items supply. Our team will initiate the task immediately for your selected location. Promise option will initiate the contact with local volunteer group and many people will be notified of this location & many people can join together for the sponsorship. In all sponsorship options, all sponsors will get detailed accounts about the amount spend & activities taken place. Your donation details will be visible OR you can choose anonymous option.

What are the services we can provide for the flood hit areas ?

Public & Government has done good job in rescuing stranded people from flood hit areas to rescue camps. Now the next effort is to provide them healthcare assistance through medical camps, provide them medicines & make sure no diseases are spreading. We can conduct Medical camps, supply medicines, provide food & water,etc. before we engage a team, we will conduct a requirement survey.

How can I get help in my locality ?

We have a common pool of funds Open for all localities. You can suggest a volunteer group like kudumbashree / clubs / seva workers,etc. we will train them with funds on how to provide the needed support in your locality.