Data Science

Data Science

Code for kerala ( climate change), S2V Data science project.

The recent floods in kerala affected different regions at different capacity & with changing climate patterns we could expect similar catastrophe again in different parts of the world.

Currently We have requests for over 2000 medical camps from local bodies, we are assembling teams for this purpose. while we do medical camps, we are collecting all possible data about diseases, environment, flood levels, etc. we will engage local teams to collect data on a regular basis.

We are building a data science project from local community in partnership with akshaya(CSC), seva & kudumbashree workers to build a flood warning system. We are building an AI engine based on the data we collected to predict floods connected with weather system. This system will be built with disease spread, Lifestyle, health care & other prediction models to be used at hyper local levels. This model is built on a self sustaining revenue model and portable to any geographical locations.

We are inviting volunteers to join this project. Teams in Bangalore, Silicon valley are working on the basic requirement document. Lets code for kerala & use AI for climate change warning.