Disasters can be in any form such as floods, earthquakes, cyclones, tsunami etc. Disaster early warning systems today are extremely ineffective. Our goal is to provide early warnings of all hazards to create effective response actions to disasters before impact and dramatically reduce their effects on our lives and property. We can reduce deaths, injuries, and property damages caused by all natural and manmade disasters. We can do this by providing effective early warnings of these disasters at a very small cost to all persons, businesses, and public locations.
CodeforDisaster is a global coding project using all available technical rsources for building an early disaster warning system and disaster recovery efforts. The project will have Demo Labs in Campuses, students will get hands on experience in these completed projects and they can continue to perfect the solutions. This way students will get hands on experience within campuses and will get access to social projects.

CodeForDisaster is first implemented for the flood disaster management of Kerala floods 2018( India). The projects are implemented in Campuses, best projects will be executed in partnership with international companies and particiapants will be awarded in international locations.

Disaster response and recovery are the other factors that are to be considered. If a disaster occurs how we can respond to it? How we can save people? Who all can be engaged in rescue operations? How rescue operations can be coordinated? These are the questions that arise.
With our latest technologies we can find answer to these questions. Different areas of technology can be connected to solve these issues. For that students from colleges and techies can work together to find solutions.
Students in different Engineering areas can contribute effectively. Civil engineering students can work in the construction area. Students from Electronics and Computer Engineering departments can coordinate software and product development. Mechanical students can implement the developed products in different localities.
This can be first implemented in Kerala. This model will be built in a way to be implemented in any part of the world.

Project Announcement & Phase 1 Demo is on October 13 th at Amal Jyothy collage, Kanjirappally.


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