Good food

Our body itself can maintain its good health, if provided with Good food & lifestyle. Good Food project is using all available resources to make sure good food is available to all regardless of geographical locations.

Good Water

Water can be good & bad. Recent Kerala floods showed the bad face of water & right after the floods water contamination is the big issue. Our Good Water project is using all available resources to make sure good water is available to all regardless of geographic locations.According to WEF, water sacristy is the global risk. Availability of drinking water affects 2.8 B pepole and 1.2 Billion people lack access to drinking water. During kerala floods, water contamination & spreading of disease was the biggest challenge & it took more lives. Right after the floods, kerala is facing a drought season & rivers are allready dried. We see availability of water as the biggest challenge & we are initiating CFW as the first coding project.CFW( Code For Water) is the efficient use of technology by using all available resources to make sure good water is available to all regardless of geograhical locations. All the development is done in this regard will be available free to use for all. CUSAT students started the coding & we are planning to spread this to all collages where students can go & install water purification units in their locality.

Ongoing Water projects

1. Water purification units

Our dedicated IOT team is working on cheaper technological devices which can generate drinking water at the lowest cost. We need volunteers to install these devices in flood hit areas and make sure good water is always maintained in all locations. Engineering students can implement these in local bodies; VC's can fund social innovations.

2. CFW

We have a coding group, CFW - CodeForWater, CFW will create GPS based flood maps, good water quality index, etc. First version of Mobile App is getting ready for release. Engineering students can participate in coding. A team from CUSAT will be contacting colleges to join this group. Students from different areas can join. Sponsors / volunteers can pick up requests of water & engage teams to provide drinking water

3. GoW - Good Water project

Engage your School Alumni for GoW - Good Water project in flood hit Kerala. Contact your school & engage the students and alumni to GoW. Students will test the water quality, flood water levels & run health related competitions in school. A book will be published with this data about health & recent flood in your home town. Students from schools can register as volunteers. They can enter the collected data through web/mobile application using their login details.

Projects in Development

1. IOT water purification system (Electronics/Embedded )
2. Mobile app for water quality mapping (Android / IOS coding)
3. Disease & health reports from medical camps. (AI & web)
4. Water quality web & maps (web application)

Prediction/Machine Learning

1. Water scarcity
2. Water contamination prediction

Load the weather conditions and based on existing data we will provide a prediction for areas where water scarcity/contamination will occur

A Hackathon will be conducted in association with Kerala startup mission, s2v society and NAAIIP with a purpose to rebuild Kerala. Let’s make use of our technology and code for rebuilding Kerala. Coders from different areas can participate in this Hackathon. Innovative ideas are welcome. Ideas for different recovery activities after flood, flood warning system, controlling and predicting disease spread are required. We are engaging different local teams to collect all possible data about diseases, environment, flood levels etc on a regular basis. Projects can be continued with the help from organizers.

Preliminary competitions will be held in colleges. Winners can participate in the Hackathon conducted in the main centers.

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Let’s join our hands together to rebuild Kerala.


9/5/2018 - Doctorspot made 2 prototype with locally available materials for providing drinking water to all free of cost.


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